Monday, January 24, 2011

A serious lack of motivation...

What a Monday!
I had high hopes for the day, not just including some alliteration, but this afternoon, I've felt as though a vacuum sucked away whatever energy I might have had, so here I am, totally enervated*. I do blame this major lack of energy on the pile of exams that surround me and through which I've started to wade. They are like mushrooms after rain - just springing up like that.
Oh, wait, my students took their mid-term exams today. So THAT'S why I have exams to grade.
Seriously, I can't complain (my max class size this year is 16), but after a few days of zero work about which I boasted shamelessly, I now feel as though I've been kicked in the head.
And so, after initially planning a bike ride, then down-sizing that to a run and a swim, I ended up either sitting on the sofa or at the table for much of the afternoon, contemplating a nap. I am happy to report that I resisted that temptation with a great effort, but I might have to take a break in an half hour (after this current break) and watch an episode of "Law and Order". There must be one on TV right now!
I promise whole-heartedly to go for a run tomorrow. Promise, promise, promise. And I didn't cross my fingers or toes when I wrote that.

*To enervate - One of my favorite words, although I think I like it because many people confuse it with "to energize" and use it incorrectly. Thus, I feel smart and smug and petty for my correct usage.

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Anonymous said...

I think that Law & Order is on TV 24/7. I don't watch that show and yet I somehow keep encountering it?

I love your blog because I constantly learn new things like...enervate. I feel smarter now!