Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blissful birthday!

I realize that it is completely self-indulgent to admit how much I enjoy my birthday, but this IS a blog about my life, so how much more self-indulgent can I get? At least I don't update my facebook status every hour with some inane detail about my life! Also, how often does a birthday fall on a Saturday? I just calculated and realized that the next time I have a Saturday birthday, I will be into my FIFTIES. Thanks, Leap Year - you suck.
But never mind the future. I fully enjoyed the big day, and there were celebrations leading up to it and then on the day itself, and I may highjack the yosemite getaway next weekend as an extension of my birthday. Did I mention the term "self-indulgent"?
The San Francisco trip jump-started the celebration with lunch with a friend who gave me an awesome present (a blank book and stationery - she knows me well). Then, as the week wore on, my mood turned blasé about my birthday and I verged on grumpiness. How could the celebration be better than last year's? And how could I deny the fact that I was inching closer and closer to the big FOUR-ZERO (not yet, not yet!).
On Friday, I tutored students, got my ass kicked in PT, and then got down to business with this birthday business. A cupcake was eaten, and some Carnitas and Al Pastor tacos and margaritas disappeared. Michael and I met up with a friend from work at Malo's, a too-hip for us cantina. We used to frequent Malo's FAR too often, but we hadn't been there for well over a year. Their chips and salsa, tacos and margaritas still pack a punch and satisfy those deep cravings for salt, grease and tequila. Yum!
Saturday was filled with loads of ME time - a quick-paced (for me) 10k run followed by a pedicure. For dinner, Michael and I once again ventured out of the Pleansantville 'bubble' where we live, heading to the super chic, cool and pricey side of West LA in the form of Comme Ca, a French brasserie. We hung out in the bar, enjoying drinks and splitting a few appetizers there. The drinks were GREAT! I started out with the "Honey Bee", a rum and honey drink that was surprisingly smooth and not too sweet at all. We then transitioned to red wine, each of us ordering a glass of wine from Chinon, which reminded of us our trip to the Loire this past summer. Ah, food, wine and memories! As for the food, it was excellent. A scallops dish and salmon tartar were definite stand-outs. It was an early night out for us, as we returned home to cupcakes and ice cream, but we both agreed that we must plan a return to Comme Ca!
One final note about the birthday weekend - for the first time since September I had NOTHING that I *had* to do in terms of work. No papers to grade, homework to check, classes to plan, quizzes/tests to write... Through some serendipitous turn of events, the gods smiled upon me and this was the weekend before the language final exam. So, there was nothing to prepare for Monday- the tests are written, copied and ready to be distributed and taken. I will have piles to sift through starting tomorrow morning (right around 10:30), but what a blissful weekend!


kilax said...

Happy Birthday! I think there is nothing wrong with celebrating the day and loving it. And I am especially happy you got to relax and have a fun meal :)

Jaya said...

Oh! Happy birthday! It sounds like it was a delicious every sense! I am so glad that the stars lined up for you and staged a perfect, liberated day.

Kristina said...

Kim and Jaya,
Thanks for the well-wishes. It is really nice to celebrate birthdays and to revel in them!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! I realize I am several days late and many dollars short but I hope you had a wonderful one!

I have heard great things about Comme Ca...I can't wait to try it for myself.