Monday, January 10, 2011

Week two of 2011 already?

I suppose that I feel more or less fully 'entrenched', for lack of a better word, in the new year by now. I finally looked at my list of "things to do in 2010" and realized that I flopped at most if not all of them. I did start to run again and even 'raced' a few 10k's - not sure if my experience really qualifies as racing, although I did try to run fast at the end of each race. Also, I baked my first cake in 38 years totally by scratch, icing and all. But the other lofty goals, hopes, plans? All for naught.
So, this year, is it cynical to declare that I have zero goals or resolutions for the new year? Well, it's a bit of a blatant and outright lie since I have signed up for several races, running and otherwise. Also, I have to submit goals for work - in order to be evaluated - so that is a task that I cannot eschew.
I suppose, then, that I will list a few hopes, wishes and plans:
- Continue to run and to bake. I would state further running goals/hopes/expectations, but considering that my knee has (again) been a bit off, I'll hold off on those. As for the baking, I want to try my hand at bread. REAL bread, that is.

- Understand my bicycle a bit better; take a class and learn how to change a tire and figure out how the bicycle really works.

- Go on a multi-day backpacking trip; nothing too crazy, but at least 3-4 nights in the wilderness so that I can enjoy beautiful places like Pear Lake in the Sierra:

If this seems like a lean list, I have plenty of ideas and even some plans with true foundations already laid. Work-wise, there will be shifts and even major changes in the next 9 months. More about that later, like in a few months.

In the meantime, it has been quite the day - we had a feral cat stuck under the house, making horrible sounds. And, at school, I asked some students who were outside my office playing and singing an "original song" to sing elsewhere. What is this? I don't work at the "Glee" school! I don't even watch Glee!

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Anonymous said...

Baking bread isn't as hard as it sounds. I'm still totally intimidated by cakes though.