Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh, January, how do I love thee?

Let me count the ways...
I do feel that I should be less gleeful about the month of January, but after the initial and totally BRUTAL re-entry to school/work, we then have to endure MLK weekend which is quite the gift. A three-day weekend that follows so closely on Christmas and New Year's heels? Oh, please, torture me some more! And then, while our students endure mid-term exams, the teachers celebrate and enjoy what is truly the best time of the year - mid-term week. Actually, some teachers also enjoy finals week, but I don't have that luxury because I will have to accompany the twelfth grade class on their senior trip, a final farewell to their high school experience.
But back to mid-terms week which will officially start on Wednesday... That's right, Tuesday is the ONLY full day of class for the next two weeks. Bliss, oh bliss! Yes, I will have to proctor an exam a day, sitting in a room for two hours, making sure (on occasion) that students are not cheating, and then I will have to grade through a pile of exams. BUT, I will have much freedom to go to the horse races, eat lunch or brunch with friends, get a pedicure, go to the gym, take a nice, long bike ride, prepare for a trip to Yosemite.... Life will be good!
And in the meantime, I will pack tonight (quickly) for San Francisco! Michael and I depart tomorrow and return on Monday. A good friend will be turning 39, so her husband is throwing a surprise party THIS year rather than next year since that would have been too obvious. Unlike our last trip to NoCal/SF Bay area, we will be unaccompanied by our dogs. As much as I love to travel with them, it is a bit like traveling with children. So, we will be free to go out to bars and to stay in a fancy-schmancy (for us) hotel! After the lovely Motel 6 stays with our dogs, almost anything is fancy, but this place LOOKS like it really is nice. Michael and I slum it pretty regularly, and I don't mind staying in cheaper places. However, I also love a nice hotel experience, so this WILL be a total TREAT!

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Anonymous said...

I hope you had a wonderful time in San Francisco...and while the MLK holiday is a gift for teachers it is anything but for working parents! And then on top of it all, today is a minimum day? I mean, why doesn't Maya's school just call up my office and have me fired already?

Anyway, enough about me. :) I hope you enjoyed your fancy-schmancy hotel and the surprise party. San Fran is always a fabulous place to visit.